About - Twice - The Film
"Twice" is a feature film that tells a polyamorous love story. Join us in redefining true love and writing love letters!
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How our plot grew out of our journey…

Our movie is a polyamorous love story that embraces everyone who believes in honesty and consent. It’s for people ready to experience ALL THE FEELS and fully face themselves. TWICE loves monogamous, polyamorous, solo and any other orientation of human ready to love truthfully. It’s also about second chances, healing heartbreak, coming out, recovering from addiction, dealing with depression and forming a family where everyone is loved for who they are and will become.

The film is told from inside the memories of two characters, Woman and Man, who start out as friends, become lovers, break up & get back together. Woman is a polyamorous American in Paris who begins the movie being honest with her lovers, but she’s in a closet with the rest of the world about her polyamory. Man is an English expat who starts as a womanizer lying to all the ladies in his life except Woman until he dumps her. As the two evolve, both learn to tell the truth to everyone.

A love note from Sarah:

When I was 5 months pregnant, a producer who I was having a finance meeting with looked at my round belly, then stared at my face and said, “You won’t be able to make a movie when you’re a mom.” As my bump got bigger, one of my former filmmaker classmates casually turned to me and said, “Now that you’re making babies, you won’t be making movies!”

These are just two of many comments I’ve heard from people. Here’s what I hear in my head when this happens: “Like hell I won’t!” So, after giving birth, getting postpartum depression and having my heart broken, I made a feature film called TWICE. My first one, incidentally, even though it may sound like a sequel to an Oscar-winning film from a few years ago.

And we did it completely independently, meaning that I had no money to finance it on my own and no studio or Hollywood entity to bankroll or supervise me. Instead, I shot a quarter of my film while picking up my kid from school every day, without paying anyone and used my own money to feed our cast and crew; then I successfully Kickstarted for $25,000 (we raised more than that) and shot the entire film in 6 different countries; after that, I raised enough private donor money to pay our cast, crew and all the hard costs of technically completing TWICE.

Now, I want to release it directly to our audience and grow a grass-roots movement filled with True Love.

And if you feel like telling me it won’t happen, I think you can guess what my response will be…


See the world through our eyes…

One day, an actor in TWICE (Vincent) was talking to Sarah about her vision for the film, and he had a big epiphany. “Oh my gawd, TWICE is more than just a movie, isn’t it?” Yep, it is. It’s a True Love Revolution that exists to inspire people, encouraging them to engage actively in daily life with love. One of the main ways we try to do this is through love letters, because they’re accessible to everyone.

Sarah’s vision for TWICE is that the film becomes the center of a content galaxy which moves your emotions so that you move into action. Propelling people into telling the truth, facing themselves and finding a way to have all the feels without being afraid is at the heart of TWICE.

Our vision of the world is that people not only tell each other to be their true selves, but actually create a world where we practice those ideals every day. In real life.


SOUND:  The entire film is told in voice-over. Yep, you read that right. Because the story exists inside the memories of Woman and Man, you’ll hear their inner thoughts while not hearing any on-screen dialog. Meaning, for example, that when you see someone’s mouth move, you won’t hear what they say, and if they’re walking, you won’t hear their footsteps. Instead of footsteps, TWICE has more music than the average film, a gorgeous original score composed by Anthony Porter. You can consider our soundtrack to be a third voice alongside Woman’s American accent & Man’s British tones.

EMOTION:  ALL THE FEELS! Sarah, as the director, set up each scene as an improvised exploration. The actors had the freedom to play around until they found true feelings, until it wasn’t quite acting anymore. The emotions in this movie cover a wide spectrum while never taking the story too seriously. Because this film is told as memory, there’s hindsight humour; after all, it’s easier to see the funny side of almost anything in retrospect. That’s the way life is, hilarity next to sadness next to joy next to gassiness next to sexiness back to hilarity again, right?

COLOR:  Sarah is OBSESSED with color (Greg, our cinematographer, can vouch for that)! To her, color tells a strong immediate story about how characters feel without them having to say a word. And when color goes away after its brightest hues have been in front of your eyes for a while, it makes a huge impact on how you feel as an audience. We play with that color theory a lot in TWICE and stretch the freedom of being inside people’s minds to its chromatic limits.

TIME & FOCUS: Our movie plays a lot with time and focus because it takes place not in the present moment, but in memory. A huge chunk of the film is in slow-motion (which our camera captures natively in beautiful quality). Time ramps up & down (not enough to make you car sick, we promise) as focus shifts and is often very shallow, but just enough to give you the sensation that time and clarity exist uniquely in each of our minds. TWICE plays with the idea that maybe memory is time travel.

PS Everyone we know who’s watched TWICE cries, but in a good way.


Why we make what we make…

We wanna change the way movies are made and released.

Movies are the role models and direct messages of our culture. They get inside our brains and shape who we are and how we treat other humans. Sarah Arlen is a queer woman making movies, and wants to stand up for all the humans who aren’t currently represented in an equal way so that the direct message is that we can actually do what we believe in. And the way those movies are made shapes how we work with each other all over the world. So if we want to live a life where we’re respected, treated equally and interact with kindness and authenticity, that’s how we have to make and market movies. That’s how TWICE was made, and how we will continue forward as we find each of our audience members.

Humans deserve to love ethically in the way they see fit.

Some humans, like H, are bisexual and polyamorous, out about the former and closeted about the latter because of how misunderstood and stereotyped her consensual non-monogamous orientation is. Some, like K, are raising children in a happy polyamorous household while fearing that the legal system won’t defend their basic parental rights. Others, like R, are monogamous and wish that their non-monogamous partners had been honest about themselves and their actions instead of unethically cheating on them. So many stories are like C’s, who's happily monogamous and wants to understand and ally with polyamorous people so that we all have the full spectrum of human rights.

By facing who we are, we can create Consent Culture.

True Consent means that each of us has the right to say “yes,” “no”, “maybe,” “I don’t know,” “I gotta google that,” and “I changed my mind,” all without any punishment or retribution for our honest answers. Our choices must be immediately respected. TWICE models that, as well as delving deeply into what that looks, sounds and feels like on a daily basis. By clearly redefining consent, abuse of any kind is no longer tolerated, and we begin to learn as a society how to have true freedom whilst also always honoring people’s boundaries. This also leads to us dealing with not just speaking honestly, but listening to honest answers and respecting them. With consent comes true joy, peace and collaboration.

Transforming folks into awesome allies = equal rights for all.

Elle first showed her female self to the outside world when she was in front of my camera. As a transgender woman navigating her way through accepting herself, transitioning privately and facing public life, she and her wife have courageously gone through so much in the last few years. But her biggest fear doesn't stem from her gender, it’s connected to her familial orientation: Elle is polyamorous, and she’s more afraid of coming out as a polyamorous person than as a transgender woman. Please take a moment to imagine what that feels like. Eachof us can remedy this hurt with kindness and curiosity. When we learn to be an awesome ally, Elle can be her full self, unafraid, and so can all of us.

We want people to complete their passion projects and better the world.

You have priceless dreams inside your head that, when realized, will give incredible value to yourself and all of us humans out here on this planet alongside you. Make your unique mark. Sarah Arlen’s here to help you figure out which project to focus on NOW, and walk with you along the entire path from starting with “nothing” to ending up with your awesome idea reaching the finish line. Let’s learn together how to go from beginning to end in the creative process of developing the idea you believe in with your whole heart all the way to completion, while being (or even discovering!) your true self. We’re creating a class that uses TWICE as a specific case study to give you all the tools you’ll need to actually make your dreams true.


but you don’t yet have a blueprint to create your passion project, then join us as we learn from the case study of our feature film…


Who’s making this awesome movie…

Love is everything to Sarah. She adventures through life looking for practical ways to help people feel more loved and loving. One of the ways she does this is by creating content with her production company, Polyamorous Productions, the love-filled LLC that produced Twice.

Originally trained as an actor with a BFA from UC Berkeley (Go Bears!), Sarah got even nerdier by earning her Master’s Degree in Filmmaking from EICAR, The International Film School of Paris (Go Frenchies!). After throwing her graduation cap up in the air again, Sarah won some awards for writing screenplays that have yet to be produced. It was then that she knew she not only wanted to be the mama of a human baby, but also of project babies. She then took master classes for producing in London to prep for birthing movies. Since then, Sarah and Greg have teamed up numerous time to make award-winning short films, all the while dreaming of making feature films.

Then one day, Sarah’s heart got dashed apart, and that heartbreak pushed her to make a feature with the resources her film family already had. Thus, Twice was born. Sarah plans on making more movies, writing books, helping fellow artists and galvanizing all us humans to explore how we can expand and enrich our love for each other.

Apocalypse is everything to Greg. He blasts through life exploring how people survive disasters, whether those disasters are on a giant world scale or are individual heartbreaks. One of the ways he does this is with his production company, MINORapocalypse, the associate-producer of Twice.

Originally trained as an architect and lighting designer with a BFA from UC Berkeley (Go Bears!), Greg got even nerdier by earning his Master’s Degree in Lighting Design from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts (Go Bobcats!). After throwing his graduation cap up in the air again, Greg founded his production company by making films and videos, including projections for the world’s top opera, dance and theater companies, and content for international arts organisations and corporate clients. Since then, Sarah and Greg have teamed up numerous time to make award-winning short films, all the while plotting the making of their own and their collaborators’ projects.

When Sarah’s heart got dashed apart, Greg hugged and encouraged her to make a feature with the resources of their film family. Thus, Twice asked Greg to become both its cinematographer and co-producer. After Twice, Greg wrote, directed and produced the feature film, Camp Wedding. He continues to make epic apocalyptic projects.

Molly Koch – Editor

Miss Molly started out on Twice as an assistant editor, but it quickly became clear during post-production that she understood the unique language of the film, which lead to her becoming the project’s lead editor. This is the first feature film where Molly’s been editor boss, having assisted on numerous film, television and publicity projects in Los Angeles, as well as short content she created for non-profits and the short films she’s made as an auteur. Molly uses the internet and the occasional international flight to work on Twice from her home base in Hollywood.

Anthony Porter – Composer

Sarah found Anthony through Greg when he told her there was a composer whose music would perfectly fit her filmmaking style. Mr. Porter’s gorgeous compositions have accompanied Sarah’s short projects before, and have been performed in concert as well as on soundtracks, along with his piano playing skills. Anthony is also an accomplished graphic designer, and lives in a gorgeous Bay Area house that Sarah admires more than any decor magazine. Twice is Anthony’s first feature-length soundtrack which calls for twice (!) the amount of music normally made for a feature.


Sarah Arlen – “Woman”

WOMAN: She’s always known she was polyamorous, but hasn’t always felt comfortable telling people that, especially as a foreigner in Paris. Woman is a writer by trade, cares deeply about words & realises during the breakup that not letting herself fully use her words to express who she is cripples her. Her biggest flaw lives inside the fear of repeating a horrific decision her father made…

SARAH ARLEN originally started out as an actor, having trained in both classical and musical theatre. She moved toward producing movies she could perform in when it dawned on her that she wanted to change the acting process from the inside out by treating performers as true collaborators on a calm set. In future, Sarah would love to keep acting in her own projects as well as expand in other creators’ passion projects.

Phillip Schurer – “Man”

MAN: He’s magnetic, charming & has been a dishonest womanizer, but has never, until the breakup, asked himself why. Man is an architect, a builder at heart, but also someone who’s become the designer of abstract ideas instead of the dude who makes things with his hands. And he wants to make things. He’s secretly hiding an open emotional wound from the world that he finally must face…

PHILLIP SCHURER was cast in the first short film Sarah Arlen ever made! He’s been a professional actor for nearly two decades, having shared the screen with fellow actors like Pierce Brosnan, Charlotte Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin. Phillip brings complete believability and great sensitivity to the role of Man, as well as strength and humor, all in a way he’s never shown on screen before.

Vincent Vermignon – “London Lover”

LONG-DISTANCE LOVER: Living in London, “LL” runs a successful business & is a proud leader of the city’s polyamorous community, but misses spending daily time with Woman, who used to live with him before she moved to Paris. Watching her heartbreak from afar triggers his regret about not being by her side more often, causing him to question the way they’ve arranged their lives…

VINCENT VERMIGNON met Sarah for the first time auditioning for Twice & she’s eternally grateful she found him! After only two years in the acting world, Vincent has appeared in a lead role for two seasons of a major French television series (called Cut), making a name for himself quickly. His portrayal of London Lover is full of pathos, generosity & grounded emotion. 

Justyna Kelley – “Golden Girl”

GOLDEN GIRL: Gorgeous Golden Girl is seen by Man as the “perfect woman,” with her long blond hair, fabulous figure & sparkling smile. When she asks him to choose only her & be monogamous, he wants to please this seemingly flawless creature. To Woman, Golden Girl starts as a rival who ends up teaching them both the meaning of compersion…

JUSTYNA KELLEY is both an actress & a singer/songwriter. After living in Los Angeles for a few years, she moved to Paris with a record deal and is currently working on her third album. Justyna brings classic Hollywood bombshell looks to her role, but more importantly conveys her intelligence, sweetness & a complexity of character that makes her role truly three-dimensional. 

Patrick Dross – “Husband”

HUSBAND: Married to Woman for over a decade, Husband identifies as monogamous, not polyamorous. The couple share a strong bond & lovingly co-parent their child, but as he watches Woman get her heart smashed apart by Man, Husband’s feelings about her being polyamorous are truly tested for the first time in their long & stable partnership…

PATRICK DROSS was in the second short film Sarah Arlen ever made! Having worked for over twenty years as an actor in film and on television, Patrick anchors the story of Twice with his portrayal of Husband in a subtle, poignant way that beautifully shows how a monogamous character functions in the polyamorous universe.

Sydney Katz – “Sister”

SISTER: Sister is the only surviving biological family members left alive in Woman’s life. Sister didn’t take well to Woman’s declaration about her being polyamorous & has quite an opposite view of love & sex. This disapproval caused a severe distance to form between the siblings, a problem that will be need to be erased when the two go through crisis…

SYDNEY KATZ studied acting at the Tisch School of the Arts at New York University, and went on to work in theatre and the production side of film before entering a filmmaking Master’s Degree program in Paris at EICAR, the International Film School of Paris. She’s a talented performer, photographer, editor and writer, and in real life is like a sister to Sarah Arlen (without the fighting).

Soren Riehl – “Son”

SON: Little six-year-old Son loves Mama (Woman), Papa (Husband) & he also loves the other men who he knows love and are loved by his mom. When Mama’s feelings get hurt & he doesn’t get to see his good friend Man anymore, he helps Mama not only feel better, but triggers a memory in her that forces her to face her greatest fear. And that leads to Son getting to hang out with his buddy, Man, again…

SOREN RIEHL is Sarah’s real-life son and agreed to be in the film because he loves seeing what Mama does for work, and also because he wants to be like E.T., Darth Vader & Kylo Ren. This is his first film, and since he enjoyed himself, he’s decided to continue acting and try his hand at directing next. Sometimes he looks into the camera; we cut those bits out. Soren is an expressive soul and plays a pivotal part in the plot while having fun with Uncle Greg (Emetaz) & his fellow actor buddies Phil (Schurer), Bouly (Patrick Dross) & the rest of the Twice gang.


The film is built on the richness of the story’s supporting characters…



What this word means to us…

No worries if you’ve never heard of “polyamory” or “polyamorous” before. They describe people who love more than one person at once while being honest with everyone. The honesty part is essential: it ain’t polyamory without honesty, equality and true consent.