Class - Twice - The Film
"Twice" is a feature film that tells a polyamorous love story. Join us in redefining true love and writing love letters!
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Meet our MakeTwice Online Class

Transform your big ideas into completed passion projects that enrich lives.

Sarah Arlen, creator of the feature film TWICE, will teach this online class.


but you don’t yet have a blueprint to create your passion project, then join us as we learn from the case study of our feature film…

6 core modules + 8 weeks of live class time + lifetime access

You have priceless dreams inside your head that, when realized, will give incredible value to yourself and all of us humans out here on this planet alongside you. Make your unique mark.
I’m here to help you figure out which project to focus on NOW, and walk with you along the entire path from starting with “nothing” to ending up with your awesome idea reaching the finish line. 
Let’s learn together how to go from beginning to end in the creative process of developing the idea you believe in with your whole heart all the way to completion, while being (or even discovering!) your true self.

Filmmakers, musicians, illustrators, writers, designers

humanitarians, activists, imaginators, ideanauts, dreamers

You’re a human who dreams BIG and knows somewhere deep inside that you have unique gifts worthy of being shared and supported.

    • You want to identify as an artist, entrepreneur, creator, producer, maker in your life, even if you don’t yet feel confident as one.
    • You wake up with ideas that light up your head and heart, and need a practical way to translate them into action.
    • You’re ready to devote yourself to one idea at a time, and may not be clear about which one of your concepts to focus on first.
    • You’re kind above all, and you strive to be honest and ethical, always wanting to feel completely proud of what you make and how you make it.
    • You are ready to face yourself, figure things out, invest your energy, devote your attention, absorb new info and work as hard as you can.

But you’re unsure of how to get from where you are now to the place where those big dreams become REALITY.

    • You crave a case study of a singular project that gives you specific details about how it was made at every stage of creation.
    • You’re unsure of how to prioritize and organize everyday tasks so that they’ll actually add up to completing the work you care most about.
    • You feel lost and overwhelmed when you think about actually doing the things you dream of because you struggle with breaking big goals into actionable steps.
    • You’re afraid of failing and want to know how to handle rejection, challenges and setbacks in a healthy way.
    • You need help dealing with being thrown off course, adapting to changes in the plan and navigating around obstacles while always moving forward.

Join our waitlist now to get special gifts and discounts!

Take the vital step toward creating your legacy project.


What you’ll get:

    • 6 in-depth modules taught through videos, audios, worksheets, checklists, templates and discussion forums hosted on one easy-to-use online platform that will be open to you until at least the end of 2018
    • Immediate onboarding from our team to welcome you and get to know who you are, where you’re at with your goals, and what your 3 most pressing questions are about making your future projects
    • PDF prep sheets emailed to you before class starts: One to guide you through the process of choosing which project to devote yourself to during class, and a second guide walking you through how to best make use of your time with us, including our top picks on inspiring articles, books, videos and more case studies
    • Live office hours with Sarah Arlen during the course where you can ask questions and get direct answers about your specific project
    • 2 implementation weeks where we help you mould our case study directly to your project and start in on the actual work of making your passion project
    • Access to a community of other creators in class with you so that you can find accountability buddies, fellow inspirations and grow your feedback family
    • Outboarding assessment at the end of the live class session if you want to have Sarah and the MakeTWICE team help you strategize the actions you’ll take after completing our class
    • Surprise bonus materials including a lesson on how we made this class

What you’ll learn:

    • The 6 core lessons delving deep into: Development, Resourcing, Pre-Production, Production, Post-Production and Release/Coming Out that can be applied to non-film projects as well as films to strengthen your creative process
    • The precise details of how TWICE was made and financed so that you can take each example and translate it into your own project’s universe
    • How to choose and professionally develop your idea by fully developing it while using my fun movie makin’ methods, even if you’re not making a movie
    • Figuring out what kinds of testing and playtime to do that will help you feel confident about investing your time, energy and attention in your idea
    • How to take the smartest inventory of what you have and strategically start building your project with what’s already in your hands to create a convincing proof-of-concept
    • Budgeting techniques that scale from zero to six-figures so you can leverage your resources in world-changing ways
    • How I planned, timed and adapted my schedule to accommodate hundreds of people across 6 countries, all while raising kids and enjoying my beautiful family life
    • Casting and crewing up lessons on how to find the most amazing collaborators and lead them through a long journey
    • Keeping the lovelight for your project glowing bright even when you’re tired, discouraged and overwhelmed
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    Enjoy the teaser trailer of TWICE:

    Week 1

    Week 1 = Module 1: DEVELOPMENT processes to confidently identify one idea to focus on, test and play with it, and then create devotion that will carry you through however long it takes you to complete your vision.

    Week 2

    Week 1 = Module 2: RESOURCING strategies where we build the ``constant`` budget, learn the vital skill of A-B-C budgeting, take an empowering inventory of what we already have and plan our proof-of-concept and then download all my crowdfunding knowledge and experience for you to start raising money.

    Week 3

    Week 3 = Module 3: PRE-PRODUCTION means we recruit our project team, make smart checklists of the steps we'll walk during the production phase, deal with legal and accounting questions and schedule schedule schedule!

    Week 4

    Week 4 = IMPLEMENTATION: It's time to take the first 3 modules and start aligning that knowledge with your unique project. Office hours during this week will be dedicated to applying our TWICE case study to your vision.

    Week 5

    Week 5 = Module 4: PRODUCTION is where we learn to improv, to re-schedule every day, to collaborate beautifully with others, to deal with ``crisis`` situations, and keep ourselves and our team in top form even as we travel the world!

    Week 6

    Week 6 = Module 5: POST-PRODUCTION is when you re-devote yourself to your idea, allowing it to reform so that you can clearly evaluate whether you need another round of pre-production and production, or whether you're ready to take a step back, honestly look at what you have, and begin next-level creation process with tons of the material you've just made.

    Week 7

    Week 7 = Module 6: COMING OUT is how you build a beautiful machine to support yourself and your passion project as it heads out into the world. We'll be looking at lots of different options, and diving into crowdfunding again, only this time with a product in your hands that's ready for pre-sale. We'll also cover how to handle rejection, ghosting and negativity so that you feel as strong as possible in coming out with your wonderful work.

    Week 8

    Week 8 = DOING THE WORK of adapting everything you've just downloaded in your amazing mind into ACTION that starts you actually making your idea come to life, whether that takes days or years. You'll have the tools for decades of multiple passion project creating in your arsenal, and this week we'll work with you as a collective to help each other out and share our insights (plus a few surprise bonuses)...
    Portrait of Sarah Arlen sparkling
    Here’s my origin story & why I can help you…

    TWICE became my passion project when I was completely heartbroken.

    When I first had the idea for my movie, I was suffering from severe depression, didn’t have any budget money, had no social media following, and was completely unsure of what steps to take to make my beautiful story into something other people could enjoy, rally around and gladly pay for. During the four years of devoted work I’ve done on TWICE since then, I’ve successfully run a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter, raised over $150,000 in donated money, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, I’ve used all my resources wisely to finish a film that I’m 100% proud of. I know the dollar amounts might have hooked your attention, but please know that the most fulfilling part of my journey is the fact that I have completed a major motion picture without compromising any of my integrity as an artist or a human.
    As a two-year-old girl being raised by my single mom in a tiny house behind a grocery store in California, I saw E.T. and dreamt of making movies. That dream has been what I’ve dedicated so much of my life to: I got scholarships to study acting at UC Berkeley (Go Bears!); then won a scholarship for my Masters to go to film school in Paris (Go Frenchies!); spent hard-earned money and days away from my family to take producing master classes in London; logged hundreds of hours taking online classes to boost my skill set to even higher levels; put all my effort into applying the mastery-level practices of the amazing international online course Marie Forleo’s B-School (Go Team Forleo!), and all of that wonderful work launched me into making TWICE. I’m ready to download my maker experience and wisdom to you.
    But what made TWICE turn into a greenlight in my mind was the moment I transformed this essential question:
    I changed “IF I could do it” to “HOW I will do it.”

    And I went on to make a ton of mistakes. Which, of course, also came with huge wins, true joy and healing from heartbreak. 

    MakeTwice is where I tell you honestly about my mistakes, my heartbreaks, my healing and my amazing solutions so that you can go do what you dream.

    All of my most valuable lessons are in this class.

    My primary goal with this class is to give you all the detailed tools you need to actually make your life’s work, so that the next decade is filled with your outstanding contributions existing out here in the world with us where they can be of benefit.
    If you have any questions, please email us at and we’ll be happy
    to figure things out with you. Because HOW, not IF.