Love Letter Revolution - Twice - The Film
"Twice" is a feature film that tells a polyamorous love story. Join us in redefining true love and writing love letters!
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Love Letter Revolution

What the what is the Love Letter Revolution?
He suddenly looked at me and said, “Oh Sarah, you’re making much more than a movie, aren’t you?”
I can still feel the smile shining on my face as my great friend and collaborator, Vincent Vermignon (who plays London Lover in Twice) said these words. We’d already filmed our movie and I was showing him some footage in my living room. He’s like a brother to me and we’re both folks who secretly rehearse our Oscar speeches in the shower, so we’re safe with each other’s biggest, boldest dreams.
And as I was telling him about how Twice is built to help people give more love in their everyday lives, he saw how huge my dream really is… Because I’d said:
“I want people around the world to write love letters every day.”

Of course, when he’d auditioned for Twice, he’d thought it was just a film. But Twice, to me, has always been so much more than that. Twice, if it reaches its full potential, is HOPE INCARNATE. And not just hope, but earned hope. Detailed hope. Actionable hope.

It’s a love revolution, the kind that can happen in every living room every day. All over the world. And you are invited.

At its heart, Twice redefines True Love as loving while being true to all of yourself and honest with everyone. That’s a tall order. It requires skills, tools and practice, cuz this world has become full of lies, repression and paralysis. To remedy these wrongs, Twice and the solar system of content we’re creating around it strive to help you feel less alone, more empowered and clearer on what can actually make a positive difference in your daily life.

Love letters are actions we're all capable of, and they make more of an impact than culture gives them credit for.

Love letters pulled me out of a deep, scary depression because they showed me the destructive loops in my mind that were strangling my great ideas. Letters helped me face my inner world so that I could see what dark matter and loving stuff I’m really made of. Finally, I could see all of who I am and be true to all of myself. When I gave those letters to trusted people, it was like handing a piece of my heart to them. My written words kept me honest with everyone. And so I reformed my idea of what True Love really is: it’s not a certain configuration of family; it’s not betraying a part of yourself to fulfil someone else’s definitions; it’s never lying to those you love; it is being thoroughly, profoundly and kindly honest, even and especially about the hard things.

I look to love letters to ignite this revolution.

My experience teaches me that letters written with the goal of giving love can also clarify our inner-story, which leads us to act on the changes we know we need to make. Changing our actions to be 100% consensual through honesty will revolutionise the world. Twice is here to start conversations, unite humans and inspire you to pick up a pen. As a dreamer, I may still rehearse my Oscar speech while shampooing, but a love revolution is bigger, bolder and closer to my heart than any award. Please join me as we time travel with love letters, discover the superpower of words and rediscover honesty in ourselves and others. Let’s make love manifest. Let’s write love letters.

Read a letter. Write a letter. Join a revolution.

More letters are on their way. Meanwhile, are you following TWICE on Instagram and Facebook? And Gurl, are you subscribed to our YouTube channel? Cuz those are the places to experience our upcoming magic and let us give you LOVE. If you’re a hashtag-lover, please use #watchtwice so we can see your beautiful posts!

Have you seen the TWICE teaser yet? Let it give you ALL THE FEELS in 60 seconds!
Have a question about the Time Travel Team video? Wanna start a conversation? Gotta give a compliment? Please leave your kind comments below.
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  • Ollie
    Posted at 09:38h, 13 October Reply

    As you have grown to make Twice the beautiful film it is, May Twice grow to achieve the beginnings of the Love Letter Revolution

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