Movie - Twice - The Film
"Twice" is a feature film that tells a polyamorous love story. Join us in redefining true love and writing love letters!
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The heart of our movie

Twice is a polyamorous love story that includes everyone who wants to love honestly, consensually and equally.

TWICE is an independent feature film ready for release that redefines True Love as loving while being true to all of yourself and honest with everyone.
Right now, we’re in a transitional phase… The movie’s complete & we’re figuring out how to bring it to our audience around the world in the best way possible. To make sure you know when you can watch the full film, sign up and see the first 5 minutes of the movie today!
The Story of TWICE the Film
The film is told from inside the memories of two characters, Woman and Man,
who start out as friends, become lovers, break up & get back together.

Woman is a polyamorous American in Paris who begins the movie being honest with her lovers, but she’s in a closet with the rest of the world about her polyamory. Man is an English expat who starts as a womanizer lying to all the ladies in his life except Woman until he dumps her. As the two evolve, both learn to tell the truth to everyone.

TWICE unfolds in a bold, unique style: the entire film is told in voice-over by the two main characters. Hear their story in memory-montage, which invites you inside the minds of Woman and Man as they unite everyone they devotedly love. Coupled with the voice-over is gorgeous original music underscoring every minute of the movie. 

This soundscape is set to stunning cinematography full of color & light to spark your senses.

Our test audience said these words about TWICE: