Music - Twice - The Film
"Twice" is a feature film that tells a polyamorous love story. Join us in redefining true love and writing love letters!
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Just as the thoughts you think become your life’s actions,

the music you listen to becomes the soundtrack of your

thoughts, feelings and memories.

Our original soundtracks will come out soon and we’re so excited! To hear the first 5 minutes of TWICE’s beautiful score, sign up now and be the first to find out when you can enjoy all our albums & vinyl special edition records…

Be the first to find out when our limited edition LP is available

by join our waiting list & becoming a Vinyl VIP!

Hear what you want most!

We’ve made 3 versions of our original soundtrack to match whatever mood you’re in…

Whether you’re in the mood to relax or move through all the emotions, sitting in mediation or being bendy in yoga asanas,
walking or talking, craving a story or reflecting on a line from our film, one of our soundtracks will enhance your daily life.
  • The Original Score

    This digital album contains the full 2 hours of gorgeous original music composed and performed by Anthony Porter. TWICE creator Sarah Arlen listens to the full score at least a few times every week if not every single day!

  • The Original Soundtrack

    Our digital soundtrack album is 1 hour of highlights from the score that are perfect for taking time for reflection and self-care. Composer Anthony Porter thoughtfully built this shorter version to have beautiful new transitions between tracks for a uniquely moving experience of our music.

  • The Full Sound Experience

    This album is the complete sound experience, 2 hours that include the film's voice-over accompanying the musical score. Like an audio book, this version invites you into the movie’s story in a way that will spark your imagination to create your own interpretations freely and work through emotions.