Podcast with Pure Orgasmic Love's Dragonfly - Twice - The Film
Enjoy the podcast TWICE film creator Sarah Arlen made with Dragonfly on the Pure Orgasmic Love channel! We talk about polyamory, creativity and collaboration.
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Podcast with Pure Orgasmic Love’s Dragonfly

Become a part of something big, loving and positive!

We made an exciting podcast with Dragonfly from Pure Orgasmic Love! It’s about how to help yourself while helping our film, all while getting great gifts!

TWICE gives you ALL THE FEELS when you watch it. So what are you going to do with all those emotions?!? Enter Dragonfly, a somatic practitioner, which means a person trained to help you align your emotions and body. She’s someone who can guide humans in lots of ways, and she’s offering to help YOU when you watch our movie! Because after you feel as much as you’re gonna during TWICE, you can either take our video course with Dragonfly, or attend a 3 hour playshop with Sarah Arlen and Dragonfly in Los Angeles!

Reserve your video today via our IndieGoGo campaign before it closes March 31st!
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