Twice - The Film | The Party Starts Here
"Twice" is a feature film that tells a polyamorous love story. Join us in redefining true love and writing love letters!
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The Party Starts Here

Welcome, friends! This is where our online party lives...

Sarah Arlen, the creator of Twice, used the live-streaming service Periscope to give you a behind-the-scenes tour of the film, this fancy website and our love letter project. Let us send you love letters!!! Because everyone deserves love, and we need love more than ever.

To watch the replay of the launch, check out the embedded video below!

If you want to comment, ask questions and chat with Sarah Arlen in the future, make sure to download the Periscope app and watch @saraharlen there (it’s free and easy to use).

Also, the button below will turn red whenever Sarah’s on-air, so make sure to join in live sometime soon!

It's time to spread love. Party with purpose. Become a love warrior.


Get your first love letter right now, written to inspire you.